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Discipleship Resources

Over the years, the Kansas Communities Ministry has used a number of resources which have “stood the test of time” as being very helpful for discipleship. Click on an image below to learn more about these studies. (The Kansas Communities Ministry does not receive income from the sale of these products.)

Kansas Ministry  Resources
Primary Aim of the Navigators Navigator’s Basic Beliefs Profiles of a Disciple
Definition of a Navigator Community Ministry Five Elements of a Team Revised Team Guidelines


Navigator Illustrations (Free Downloads)
The Wheel The Word Hand Illustration The Bridge to Life
One-verse Evangelism How to spend an extended time in prayer The Prayer Hand
 How to Have a Daily Quiet Time  How to Study the Bible

Discipleship Library: A fantastic archive of Navigator messages over the years

Every Man a Warrior: A mens’ discipleship course and ministry

Kansas City Navigators

Wichita State Navigators

University of Kansas Navigators

Kansas State University Navigators

Oklahoma City Navigators

The Navigators (Colorado Springs)



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