Our conferences and retreats help us regain focus, provide fellowship and generally encourage us in ministry. They are designed to assist each person in their spiritual journey of walking with our Lord Jesus Christ and encouraging us in our ministry to others. Please join us for these spiritually-enriching times.

Fall Conference

Date: November 2, 2019
Speaker: Ron Bennett
Topic: Discipleship on the Resurrection Side of the Cross
Location: Eastminster Presbyterian Church, Wichita

Since the mission to be and make disciples is Christ’s idea, the most important question is, “What does He think it means?” Jesus not only gave us a mission but a model. We can’t change the mission or improve on the model. Our challenge is to understand what discipleship looks like on the resurrection side of the cross. In this series of messages, we will look at discipleship from three different perspectives to help us bring New Testament discipleship into a 21st century culture. These perspectives are:

Message #1 – The Foundation of Discipleship: The Irreducible Complexity of the Gospel

Message #2 – The Anatomy of Discipleship: The Individual Call to Apprenticeship

Message #3 – The Motivation of Discipleship: The Iridescent Love of God


Spring Retreat

Date: April 24-25, 2020
Speaker: Eddie Broussard
Topic: To be announced
Location: Cross Wind Conference Center, Hesston, Kansas