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(All audio is used by permission of the speaker and may not be used on other websites without permission. However, we welcome your using it for your ministry outreach as well as you own personal growth. Please feel free to download, copy and give to friends!)

To listen: Right click on link and “Save Target As” to a location on your hard drive. This will download the message for you to play on your computer. Some browsers are set so that you can left click on the file and play it immediately. This depends on your browser.  More recent conferences are listed first, so scroll down for older messages.

Spring Men’s Retreat, Spiritual Life Center

March 24-25, 2017

Scott Morton, Speaker: “Secrets for Experiencing God More Deeply!”

Message One: Jesus Wants You to Relax? Really?  Audio   Handout

Message Two:  Jesus’ Six Surprising Expectations of You!  Audio   Handout

Message Three: Jesus Doesn’t Want Your Stuff     Audio      Handout

Check out Scott Morton’s website for further information:

Fall Conference, Eastminster Presbyterian Church: November 6, 2016

Dr. Jerry White, Speaker: “The Biblical View of Life in Christ, Work and the Worker”

Message One: “Investing your life” Audio
Message One: Handout
Message One: PowerPoint (in PDF format)

Message Two: “Work and the Worker” Audio
Message Two: Handout
Message Two: PowerPoint (PDF)

Message Three: “How to Thrive and Witness in the World of Work, Community and Family: Audio
Message Three: Handout
Message Three: PowerPoint (PDF)

Additional handout: “A Minimalist’s Guide to Life at Work” (to place in your Bible for reference)


Spring Men’s Retreat, Morning Star Ranch: April 22-23, 2016

Dave Gresham, Speaker: “God’s Design for His New Creation”

Philippians (Audio)

Ambition (Audio)

1 Kings 13 (Audio)

Idolatry (Handout)

Philippians (Handout)

Ambition (Handout)

1 Kings 13 (Handout)

First Covenant Church, Salina: January 8, 2016

Richard Spann, Speaker: “Being a Disciple”

Being a Disciple (Audio)

Being a Disciple (Handout)

Fall Conference: November 7, 2015

Ray Hoo, Speaker: “Words to Live By”

  1. The Unmistakable Identification of a Follower of Christ
  2. The Key to Unlimited Resources for Life and Service
  3. The Indispensable for a Significant Life

Spring Men’s Retreat, Crosswind Conference Center:

March 27-28, 2015

Dr. Don Davis (

ReClaim the Story

ReClaim the People

ReClaim the Journey

ReClaim the Witness


Fall Conference Eastminster Presbyterian Church:

November 9, 2014

Mike Jordahl

Back to the Basics: Part 1: Knowing God

Session 1 PowerPoint

Back to the Basics: Part 2: Walking with God

Session 2 PowerPoint

Back to the Basics: Part 3: Serving God

Session 3 PowerPoint


Every Man a Warrior — Lonnie Berger

Wichita, KS: March 29, 2014

Men’s Ministry That Works: Lonnie Berger

PowerPoint (PDF) of “Men’s Ministry That Works” talk  (Watch while listening to talk.)

Saving My Marriage: Testimony by Bar Wiegman

The Need of the Hour: Lonnie Berger

Fall Conference Eastminster Presbyterian,

Wichita, KS: October 26, 2013

“Why we need the Gospel everyday” — Jerry Bridges

Why we need the Gospel everyday: Message One

The motivating power of the Gospel: Message Two

Depending on the Holy Spirit: Message Three

Testimony: Ted Branson


Men’s Retreat Hesston, KS: April 26-27, 2-13

“Man Up” — Ron Bennett

Wake Up: Audio of Message One        PDF of PowerPoint: Message One: Wake Up (1)

Stand Up: Audio of Message Two        PDF of PowerPoint: Message Two: Stand up (2)

Grow Up: Audio of Message Three      PDF of PowerPoint: Message Three: Grow up (3)

Suit Up: Audio of Message Four           PDF of PowerPoint: Message Four: Suit Up (4)


Fall Conference Wichita, KS: November 3, 2012

“That others may know God’s Love” — Dennis Williams

Valuing His Word – Matthew 5:19

Proclaiming His Glory – 1 Peter 2:9

Loving Deeply – Hosea 6:6


Summer Conference Bartlesville, OK: August 11, 2012

“To Know Christ and to Make Him Known”

To Know Christ: Richard Spann

To Make Christ Known: David Dennis

Handout: To Know Christ

Handout: To Make Christ Known

Handout: Prayers for Our Children (from workshop)

Spring Men’s Retreat: April 13-14, 2012

Lonnie Berger: Every Man a Warrior

Session One: One Thing (Friday evening April 13, 2012)

Session Two: One Naked Lady (Saturday morning April 14, 2012)

Session Three: One Great Mistake (Saturday morning April 14, 2012)

Session Four: Testimony and Q&A (Saturday afternoon April 14, 2012)

Fall Conference: November 5, 2011

Mike Schmid: Relational Foundations for Life

Session One: Relational Foundations–With Our God

Session One PowerPoint (PDF version)

Session Two: Relational Foundations — With Our Selves

Session Two PowerPoint (PDF version)

Session Three: Relational Foundations — With our World

Session Three PowerPoint (PDF version)

Summer Conference: July 8-10, 2011

Vic Black: Prayer-A Profoundly Relational Encounter With God

Session One: Prayer in the Presence of God

Session Two: Learning From New Testament Prayers

Session Three: God-focused Prayer

Session Four: Prayer – The Big Picture

Spring Men’s Retreat: April 15-16, 2011

Bill Heatley: The Gift of Work

Session One: God’s Foundation for Work

Session Two: Kingdom Living

Session Three: Redefining Success

Session Four: Discipleship and Work

Fall Conference: November 6, 2010:
David and Teri Legg  “Biblical Community”

Understanding Biblical Community

Assessing Your Experience of Biblical Community

Developing a Plan for Biblical Community

Summer Conference July 16-18, 2010: Tom Yeakley

Trusting God

The Triangle for Triumph

The Practice of Walking by Faith-Part 1

The Practice of Walking by Faith-Part 2

Living Dependent Lives – Lessons on Prayer-Part 1

Living Depend Lives – Lessons on Prayer-Part 2

Men’s Retreat April 16-17, 2010: Mike Jordahl

Courage to lean in

Courage to go through

Courage to go deeper

Courage to go beyond: Part 1

Courage to go beyond: Part 2

Fall Conference 10-24-09: Doug Benshoof:

Learning to Sow Part 1

Learning to sow part 2

Moving from friendship to spiritual interest

Practical ways of sharing the gospel Part 1

Practical ways of sharing the gospel Part 2